Advertise your Business to your Customer’s Mobile

It is an absolute must for all B2C business to have a robust and profitable mobile product that serves and delights the consumerOpen Mobile Summit

Starbucks, Walmart, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Chick fil A* all provide Optical Mobile Payment for their Customers  – It’s your turn!

Starbucks™ has already proven this “Pay with your Phone” technology works, increases sales and furthers customer loyalty, so Payyus has developed similar technology for ANY merchant.  It plants your merchant brand squarely on your customer’s mobile while doing all this for your business:

  • You get Prepaid.  (For every $1000 on the system, you gain $450 in cash!)
  • Eliminates Credit Card Swipe Fees
  • Get Paid Direct from your Customer’s Bank Account
  • Automated Marketing
  • No more Paper Receipts
  • Automated Rewards Program you define
  • Market directly to your customer’s email.  (You can’t do that with Payment Cards!)
  • Faster Checkout, no lines
  • Greater Tipping Amounts for Your Employees
  • Payyus addicts Customers to your Brand
  • Your Brand on your Customer’s Mobile Device

*Company names, products, and services are all property of their respective corporations.

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How does Payyus Mobile Payment Work?

Merchants get (4) major advantages using Payyus Mobile over using Payment Cards

  • Merchants get their own Branded app
  • Customers carry the Merchant Name and a balance around on their mobile while Paying with their Mobile at the POS
  • Customers get Loyalty Rewards set by the Merchant
  • Merchants can advertise directly to their customer’s Mobile Notification

Customers are urged by you and your cashiers to download the Payyus App from their phone’s app store for a first time reward defined by you.  Usually a free drink.   Payyus offers loyalty instructional cards to help your business get the word out.

Once downloaded the customer adds funds to their account with you.  While you get prepaid, the customer carries a balance on their mobile which they reduce every time they purchase your products.

At your Point of Sale instead of paying by cash or credit, your cashier enters the amount due on your Payyus Merchant Terminal and it scans the optical scan code on the customer’s phone.  When they use up their balance, they reload the balance, you get prepaid again, and the process starts all over again. [jcolumns]

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Still not convinced?

Watch this Case Study from a real coffee shop using Payyus

Watch Clover POS close a mobile transaction with Payyus