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Get mobile payment and have customers pay directly from their bank account to yours



PAYYUS Mobile Payment eliminates pesky card processing fees for professionals.


  • Customer’s carry a balance value with your business on their mobile
  • Professionals are prepaid
  • Set customer bulk buys for more visits
  • Customers pay direct from their bank account eliminating high merchant card processing fees
  • Eliminates 80% of credit/debit transaction fees
  • Professional paid in advance and realize a new cash balance of $450 on every $1000 transacted
  • Your Brand on your Customer’s mobile



  • Built in Rewards program you specify
  • White labeling to your brand
  • No more paper receipts, No credit card hassle managing signatures
  • Just take payment with your Android phone, No Dongles required!
  • Wildly addictive for customers
  • Automated email advertising and receipts
  • Customer’s email addresses available for marketing
  • Customers see your Brand & their ongoing Balance with your business



Get Payyus Merchant – Accept Safe Payment

Patient’s bank/credit/debit card information is kept scrambled and securely encrypted on each customer’s phone with our proprietary technology.  Customers have the same fraud and lost/stolen protection that cardholders or bank customers currently enjoy,  plus Payyus is PIN/Pass protected, so no charges to the customer account can occur without the customer entering their PIN/Pass.

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20151123_114750Patients download Payyus at their first session, then add their bank account to pay directly to your bank account

You get an email every time a customer sends money to your bank account.  You know they’ve paid before the next appointment even begins.  You set the rewards.  Say you want to ensure (4) paid $100 visits with a 5th visit discount of 50% off. You tell the customer to deposit $450 for 5 visits. You are prepaid $450, then each time the customer visits you scan their mobile with Payyus Merchant and the Customer Balance reduces $100.  Then on the 5th visit the session is $100, the customer has a $50 balance and $50 in rewards available which pays for the session.



Highly Secure Scan Code


Get your own Branded Mobile Payment App 

No problem, it’s easy!  Each Professional has their own branding projected onto their customer’s mobile devices.

How Does Payyus Work?

Customers are urged to download Payyus at their first session and to purchase a “package” of sessions.  Different packages can be created for different patients.  Professionals are prepaid for their work and customers will always come back because their mobile device keeps them informed of the stored value they have with you.

How do my Customers get Payyus?

Payyus can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store, then the patient enters their payment information, chooses your business and pays you, the professional, via secure bank transfer.

Why should a Professional have Payyus?

Payyus offers Professionals a money saving, highly secure way to accept payment from their customer’s mobile at the Point of Sale by reducing processing fees.   Payyus offers merchants an alternative to payment cards with a very familiar customer facing payment device, their mobile!
The Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card world is turning to Pin & Chip Technology.  Pin & Chip technology will require merchants to purchase even more Point of Sale equipment, devices that can read these new cards.  Payyus can be installed on legacy equipment that have existing scanners and provide your users with a customer facing mobile payment device, their phone.

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