How to get an enterprise level business onto their customer’s mobile in a week

Our example company is called Pet Brilliance

With every customer checkout the customer is given a business size card with directions on how to download the company’s new loyalty app.  Actual plastic loyalty cards are an option too, but we prefer to push customers to use their mobile device because Pet Brilliance can advertise to the customer’s mobile. 


The directions include the first time gift code for $3 off the customer’s next purchase.  Customers download to get the deal.  They add their email, password, security question and the gift code and their mobile device looks like this-


Next add a Tender Type button to the company POS . Choices are normally Cash, Credit/Debit, and Reward.  Add Payyus.  Payyus will add a snippet of code that sends scanned customer mobile device info to the Payyus servers where Payeezy is used to transfer funds from customer to merchant. 

Setup hundreds of merchant branches and quantity of POS terminals in each branch on the Administration Server. This server can be run by Payyus, a credit card processing company or the merchant.


Now provide the merchant access to the Merchant Dashboard and Advertising Module at a cost determined by the Administrator. 


Next let’s say the merchant wants to send out an advertisement to their new loyalty customers.   From their Dashboard they choose Advertisement.   It’s easy and takes seconds to send a push notification to each customer’s mobile.  Here’s an incoming notification.


Of course the Payyus logo can be changed to the merchant logo.  The customer clicks on the notification and the ad appears. 

This is only one of 5 different types of ads that can be sent to customers.  ie. Double Rewards Days,  Bring a Friend and each get a Discount, Send a Gift to a Friend, Get 2 or more Friends to use Pet Brilliance app and get $10 added to your Account.

Now the Customer wants to pay at the Register so they hit Pay on their phone and a scan code appears.  The cashier chooses Payyus as the tender type and scans the code.  The customer sees the Confirm page and chooses Rewards or taps pay 


The cashier sees the completed transaction on a window in the POS. 

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