Payyus connects your business direct to local Customer’s Mobile Devices. Payyus Merchants advertise direct to their customer’s mobile while reducing payment card transaction fees. Customers Pay with their Mobile Device – Payyus Merchant is the only mobile payment technology which connects Customers to Merchants with Branding, Rewards, Lower Fees, Mobile Advertising and Customer Wow!

Payyus connects to new and legacy Point of Sale and Payment Card Equipment *All Presentation, Trademarks, Service Marks, and Trade Names referenced in the following material are the property of their respective owners





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Get Customers seeing your Brand on their Mobile Device

20151123_114720Customers download Payyus from the iPhone or Android app store.  Typically it’s done at the point of sale to redeem a reward offer the Merchant defines. Customer signup takes less than 3 minutes in 4 steps.  Studies say mobile connected customers are worth up to $300 each per year to Merchants in additional sales.

payyus paymt smallWhy do I need Payyus for my Business?

The payment landscape is changing.  Your customers download apps all the time.  Millennials use apps to order and pay these days.   Chip cards and digital POS are taking over.  Old swipe equipment’s days are numbered.  If your legacy equipment breaks down are you ready for the new age of payment?  Old Point of Sale will NOT be replaced with swipe equipment. If your business is not on your customer’s mobile, you will lose customers!


  • Your Merchant Brand shows on your Customer’s mobile device
  • Customers carry a mobile balance with your business
  • Merchants can now advertise direct to local customer’s mobile
  • Customers regularly return for Rewards you specify
  • No Employees wasting time punching reward cards, Payyus is automatic
  • New found Flexibility to raise your Retail Prices
  • Customer’s email addresses available for marketing
  • Automated email receipts and their rewards
  • No more paper receipts
  • Merchants know what Customers are spending
  • Mobile Tipping for your Employees
  • Customer notifications tell Customers to use expiring Rewards at your Business
  • Customers see your Loyalty Rewards on their mobile device

Bank ImagePayyus provides Security for your Customers

Payyus customers have the same fraud and lost/stolen protection that cardholders and bank customers currently enjoy.  Your Customer’s personal information is split and encrypted with a portion kept on the customer’s mobile and a portion on the secure Payyus servers.  Customers enter their PIN/Password to decrypt and reassemble their personal information, so no charges to accounts can even occur without customer knowledge.

Terminal Stand2 smallBuilt-in Tipping, Loyalty Rewards, Merchant Balance & Automated Reminders keep Customers Thinking about Your Business

Get a no fuss Loyalty Rewards Program all built in to the Terminal App.  No more punching or adjusting purchase prices.  It’s all done automatically.  Customers accumulate Rewards and can redeem at the Reward rate you specify.  Keep them coming back with Loyalty Rewards only good at your locations!  Customers can see their Balance with your business.  

Install Payyus Merchant for your Business 

Sales Associates can make a sale anywhere there is Wifi Service.  They just pull up their Android mobile device, enter the payment figure and scan the customer’s mobile device.  Success! The Payyus screen informs the Sales Associate and the Customer of the successful sale. with Payyus


Business Dashboard

Mobile Dashboard provides instant stats on Customers, Balances, Rewards, Reloads and Scans, as well as a quick Advertising Platform.  Tell your customers about what’s happening at your business.


How do my Customers get Payyus?

Payyus can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store app-store

OR the Android Play Store google-play 

Merchants give out a 6 digit code which Customer’s enter immediately after download to get right to your Business’s Deal

Why should a Merchant have Payyus?

Try It Now and see!

Buy It Now and make happy new customers!




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