Your Business on your Customer’s Mobile

More for your Customers and your Business


  • Every Payyus transaction adds more profit to your bottom line
  • Customers become wildly addicted to using your App
  • New flexibility for Merchant to raise prices
  • Mobile marketing your Brand
  • Payyus eliminates punch cards and fully automates loyalty
  • Loyalty is rewarded based on purchase amount, not just visits
  • Customers track your Merchant Rewards on their mobile device
  • Advertise right to your customer’s mobile
  • Loyalty Rewards are defined by Merchant
  • Customers Prepay so they always come back to the Merchant
  • Payyus is fast, secure and takes the place of swiping a payment card
  • Customer’s email addresses are available for marketing purposes
  • Payyus teams up with Clover POS
  • Customer purchase stats available on Merchant Dashboard