Lower your Card Processing Fees and Advertise Direct to your Customer’s Mobile 

Your Customers Want the ability to Pay with their Mobile Device and get Rewards from your Business

Why not give it to them with Payyus Mobile.  Payyus Mobile provides your business a quick way to get onto your customer’s mobile device.  From there you can advertise to their mobile while giving customers a way to use their mobile to pay for your goods and services.  There’s Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay…AND NOW mobile pay made just for merchants!  

Make Payyus your own Mobile Pay App and Lock in Customer Return Visits!

  • Payyus is a modified white label solution quickly branded to your business
  • Advertise direct to your customer’s mobile notification bar
  • Studies show customers will choose a business with mobile payment over those without
  • Reduces many credit/debit card transaction fees
  • Customers prepay and Merchants get paid upfront 
  • Your customer carries a balance with your business on their mobile
  • No more managing paper receipts, or saving signatures – save on paper rolls
  • Built in Loyalty Rewards, stop stamping cards
  • Wildly addictive for customers
  • Automated email advertising and receipts
  • Greater Tipping Amounts
  • Customer notifications remind them to use Rewards at your business
  • Customers see your brand on their mobile
  • Reduces checkout time and lines

Push your Advertising Message Direct to your Customer’s Mobile DeviceNotification Bar Ad2


Payyus Merchant & Clover for Easy Sales

Ring up a charge on Clover and your customer pays with their Payyus App on their mobile device reducing credit card fees for the merchant. Of course customers can still use a payment card too.

Built-in Tipping, Rewards Program & Automated Email Reminders with your Merchant Message

Get a no fuss Loyalty Reward Program all built into the Payyus Merchant App.  No more punching or stamping loyalty cards.  It’s all done automatically.  Customers accumulate Rewards and can redeem at the Reward rate you specify.  Keep them coming back with Loyalty Rewards only good at your store(s)!  Customers can see Merchant Rewards accumulate on their phone and additionally automated rewards emails and phone notifications just happen.  

Accept Credit/Debit or ACH Payments with Payyus

Merchants set the Rewards programs and customers are automatically rewarded when they use their Payyus mobile device to pay.  Customers accumulate rewards so they’re very likely to come back and use them again and again.  Customers are automatically notified by an email with the merchant name on it.

 Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Chick fil A, Walmart Pay* all use Optical Mobile Payment  – It’s your turn!

Starbucks™ has already proven this “Pay with your Phone” technology works, increases sales and furthers customer loyalty, so Payyus has developed similar technology for ANY merchant using ANY customer smartphone.

In 2014 CEO Howard Shultz said Starbucks* processed 6 million mobile transactions per week in the U.S. during the quarter that ended June 29. Shultz further noted the extremely popular Starbucks mobile app has 12 million users in the United States and Canada.  In 2016 the app has over 20 million users.

*Companies and their mobile payment systems may all be trademarked, copyrighted and owned by their respective companies.
Power of Payyus website

Get your own Mobile Payment Brand 

No problem, it’s easy!  During setup we enter your Brand.  Each time you make a Payyus sale to a customer your brand displays on the customer’s mobile device and stays there.  Customers regularly see your brand and tend to become addicted to paying by using their mobile. Plus you can advertise to the customer’s mobile device.

How Does Payyus Work?

Customers are urged to download your Payyus App at the point of sale by a first time reward offer the Merchant defines.  Customers easily enter their credit card or bank information on their phone once.  It’s encrypted and secured in the app.  Customers prepay to your Merchant account anytime/anywhere.  The Customer’s Payyus tracks the balance due from each Payyus Merchant.  Merchants reap an immediate cash influx from Payyus users.  Every time a customer purchases, the Customer scans their phone at the merchant’s Payyus terminal.  The customer balance is decreased by the purchase amount.

How do my Customers get Payyus for my Business?

Payyus can be easily searched and downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store

Why should a Merchant have Payyus?

Payyus offers Merchants a money saving, highly secure way to push advertising to their customers and accept payment from their customers. The Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card world is turning to Pin & Chip Technology.  Why not get Pin & Chip and Mobile Technology in one sweet little package. Payyus can be used with any amount of branches and any quantity of terminals.   Payyus can even be installed on legacy equipment that have existing scanners.