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You can’t advertise to a phone number! Your business needs to have an identity direct on your customer’s mobile device!  Push notifications are a great way to get your message out.

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Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Chick fil A, Walmart all use Optical Mobile Payment – Get Payyus and your business can quickly be up and running on your customer’s mobile.

Every Payyus download results in a new marketing opportunity for your Business!

  • Advertise direct to your Customer’s Notification Bar and Email
  • Customer’s carry a Balance Value with your Business on their Mobile
  • Your Business is prepaid
  • Quick scan at checkout reduces checkout time
  • Customers pay direct from their bank account eliminating pesky merchant card processing fees
  • Eliminates 80% of credit/debit transaction fees
  • Merchants paid in advance and realize a new cash balance of $4500 on every $10,000 transacted
  • Your Merchant Brand on your Customer’s mobile
  • Built in Rewards program you specify
  • White labeling to your brand
  • No more paper receipts, No wasting time printing and managing receipts
  • Built in Loyalty Rewards, customers only scan once for sale and rewards
  • Wildly addictive for customers
  • Automated email advertising and receipts
  • Customer’s email addresses available for marketing
  • Automated notifications remind customers to use Rewards at your business
  • Customers see your Brand & accumulated Rewards on their mobile



Get Payyus Merchant – Accept Safe Payment

Customer’s bank/credit/debit card information is kept scrambled and securely encrypted on each customer’s phone with our proprietary technology.  Customers have the same fraud and lost/stolen protection that cardholders currently enjoy.  plus Payyus is PIN/Pass protected, so no charges to the customer account can occur without the customer entering their PIN/Pass.

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Drive your Advertising Message right to your Customer’s Mobile Notification Bar

Notification Bar


According to Andrew Chen, a leading expert on push notifications. The industries with the highest average opt-in rates, specifically Ride Sharing, Food & Beverage (60%) and Financial Services (55%), are those with inherently time sensitive value propositions; users intuitively understand that push notifications will play an important role in the functionality of the app.

Your customers want to know when something special is going on with your business.  There is no more cost effective way to reach them, than direct to their mobile device.


20151123_114750Customers choose Bank Account or Payment Card.  Built-in Tipping, Rewards Program & Automated Email Reminders with your Business Name

Get a no fuss Loyalty Reward Program all built into the Payyus Merchant App.  No more punching, scanning or stamping loyalty cards.  One scan covers payment and loyalty.    It’s all done automatically.  Customers accumulate Rewards and can redeem at the Reward rate you specify.  Keep them coming back with Loyalty Rewards only good at your store!  Customers can see Merchant Rewards accumulate on their phone and additionally automated rewards emails and phone notifications just happen.  Merchant Brand is consistently displayed on their customer’s mobile device.

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Accept Credit or Debit Card Payments Anywhere in
the World with Payyus

Merchants set the Rewards programs and customers are automatically rewarded when they use their Payyus mobile device to pay.  Customers accumulate rewards so they’re very likely to come back and use them again and again.  Customers are automatically notified by an email with your name on it



Highly Secure Scan Code

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Chick fil A, Walmart* all use Optical Mobile Payment  – It’s your turn!

Starbucks™ has already proven this “Pay with your Phone” technology works, increases sales and furthers customer loyalty, so Payyus has developed similar technology for ANY merchant and ANY smartphone.

*Companies and their mobile payment systems may be trademarked, copyrighted and/or owned by their respective business.

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 Get Mobile Payment Branding for your Business 

No problem!  Payyus can be bundled up to completely run on your own servers with complete control from your company.  Advertising can be pinpoint directed to customers.  The app and your business can be projected onto your customer’s mobile.   Mobile Apps are already created and can be branded with your company name.  Your customers can search their app store and download your mobile app.

How Does Payyus Work?

Customers are urged to download your App at the point of sale by a first time reward offer the Business defines.  Merchants can expect 20% early customer penetration with more growth as mobile payment becomes more common.  Customers easily enter their credit card information on their mobile once and can scan to pay on their first purchase after download.  Payyus also asks for the customer’s bank account and this offers the merchant great savings.   Customers prepay to their account with Merchants and Payyus tracks the amount left for the customer and merchant.   Customers “feel” value with their chosen merchants through the power of Payyus.  Merchants reap an immediate cash advance from Payyus users as well as keep about 15% unspent funds, just like gift cards.

How do my Customers get Payyus?

Payyus can be easily downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store

Why should a Merchant have Payyus?

Payyus offers Merchants a money saving, highly secure way to accept payment from their customer’s mobile at the Point of Sale by reducing processing fees.   Payyus offers merchants an alternative to payment cards with a very familiar customer facing payment device, their mobile!
The Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card world is turning to Pin & Chip Technology.  Pin & Chip technology will require merchants to purchase even more Point of Sale equipment, devices that can read these new cards.  Payyus can be installed on legacy equipment that have existing scanners and provide your users with a customer facing mobile payment device, their phone.

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