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PAYYUS Mobile Payment – Pay with your Phone

Mobile Device Payment – Pay with your Phone*

payyusCustomers download Payyus from their phone’s app store for free.  You add your email, a PIN,  any of your credit/debit cards, your billing address.   You just add this information one time.  Now every time you go to pay just pull up the scan code for the merchant you visit and hold it under the Merchant’s Terminal.  The app will ask if you want to use your Rewards or provide a Tip.  Add your PIN and you’ve paid!      *at affiliate merchants


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Safer than your Wallet and Credit Cards

Your credit/debit cards have the same fraud and lost/stolen protection that you currently enjoy.  Plus, Payyus is PIN protected, so no charges can even happen without you entering your PIN.  The Payyus PIN protection program has been designed so that it is cryptographically impossible to steal your information*.

(*) Cryptographically impossible means: not possible in the current state of mathematics and cryptography and requiring more computer time and processing power than available on the planet.
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Have Fun with a New Way to Pay

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Starbucks™ has been using Optical Mobile Payment Technology for Years – It’s your turn

Starbucks™ has already proven this “Pay with your Phone” technology works while customers accumulate rewards, so they are loving it.  Payyus has developed similar technology for ANY merchant, ANY payment card and ANY mobile device.  You can download it to your phone and be paying in less than 5 minutes.

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How does Payyus Work?

  • You enter your credit or debit card information just once, enter as many cards as you like
  • At Checkout the Merchant just enters the total due into their Payyus Terminal Ready Screen.
  • You choose which credit or debit card to pay.
  • You hold your Payyus Scan Code up to the Merchant’s Scanner, then enter your PIN
  • You can also choose to Tip or use your Merchant Rewards instantly reducing your purchase price


How do I get Payyus?

Get Payyus from the App Store app-store


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Why Payyus?

What if the store I visit doesn’t have Payyus?  

Just download Payyus from your phone’s app store, enter your information, then press the Feedback button and tell us the Business Name, Owner’s Name and a phone number for the business.  We’ll give them a call and get them connected to Payyus, then we’ll let you know what’s happening with that Merchant.

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