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Payyus Cuts Ques Espresso Credit Card Fees

Ques Espresso is a busy retail coffee business with 4 locations.  Rob, the owner of Ques, wanted a way to reduce credit card fees.  Because his average ticket was around $9 and he ran 150 of them a day.  Rob thinks he was hit pretty hard by the credit card fees as his business had a small sale figure on each sale.  Payyus offered the solution for his business.

Ques Installs 5 Payyus Terminals

Rob put in 5 Payyus terminals to compliment each of his Point of Sale devices.  Payyus even provided him a tablet for drive thru service where the customer held up their mobile to the drive thru tablet.  Tablets were configured to run based on the branch they were located so tips and revenue could be calculated by location.



Customer Signup CardsQues Cashiers look like hero’s providing Payyus Download Cards

“It’s like free money.” Cashiers were instructed to provide signup cards to anyone who was paying with a credit card and to tell them that a free drink awaited them if they downloaded and used the app to pay in the future.  One young Ques cashier noted, “It runs just like the Starbucks app only better, because we get more tips!”.


Ques Stats from Payyus

18% of the Ques’s customer base quickly embraced the technology.  Of those 80% made a first time Payyus deposit of between $25 to $100.  According to Rob, “That is money that goes direct to Ques even without a purchase”.  This resulted in prepaid deposits to Ques account of $2800 more than if customers paid with credit cards.  It is noted that every $1000 deposited onto Payyus by it’s customers resulted in Que’s cash flow positive increasing by $450.  As Rob points out, “the second customer signed up pays for my Payyus subscription” each month.


Credit Card ChargesSavedwith PayyusQues Quickly Adds Customers

Ques added 213 customers to Payyus in 4 months, resulting in 30 customers scanning each day for no cost, instead of those customers paying with their credit card.  When a customer reloads with a credit card, savings to Ques is $162/mo, but when a customer reloads Payyus directly from the their bank account the savings jumps to $648/mo.  Rob says he pays around 5% to credit card companies, but only 2% when customers use Payyus’ Secure Bank Transfer.

Rob has a few other reasons he likes Payyus- Besides saving between $162 – $648/mo on credit card fees and getting prepaid, he notes that 15-20% of customers that loaded Payyus don’t redeem.  Rob says, “it’s just like gift cards….there are a percentage of users that don’t redeem which is good for me”.  When faced with a decision to go to Ques or another coffee shop, customers with the Ques Payyus app were far more likely to choose Ques, because they carried “prepaid” value on their mobile devices.

Payyus provided Ques free install of the Ques logo and colors, so now every Ques customer has the Ques brand sticking to their mobile.  It keeps the customer informed with emailed receipts, while the notifications inform the customer about rewards and balances.

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