Lower your Card Processing Fees

Business Owners: Get a Free branded mobile app for your business and lower card processing Card Processing Fees starting at just 1.9% plus 15 cents with Payyus [bs_row class=”row”][bs_col class=”col-sm-6″] We are the only merchant processor in the US that will provide you a free mobile payment and advertising app Read more…

Bitcoin vs. ACH- A Mobile Payment Dilemma

“Don’t leave home without it.” This used to be American Express’ ad slogan. Today, the same could be said of your smartphone, thanks to a new mobile payment app called Payyus.

Similar to the wildly popular Starbucks® app used by 10 million customers to purchase coffee, Payyus is taking mobile payments to the next level by eliminating the merchant’s need for credit card swipe dongles like Square or PayPal.