Breweries – Advertise Direct to your Customer’s Mobile


Customer Reload or Pay View

Put your branded Payyus onto your Customer’s Mobile and Grow Customers through mobile advertising

  • Push Market direct to your Customer’s Notification Bar  
  • Your Customers pay you with your mobile Payyus App
  • Free advertising of to hundreds of local customers
  • Your Business is Prepaid  
  • Eliminate Credit Card Transaction & Authorization Fees
  • Customers carry your Balance on their Mobile
  • Get Paid Direct from your Customer’s Bank Account
  • Automated Marketing
  • No more Paper Receipts
  • Customers feel special with an Automated Rewards Program
  • Faster Checkout, No Lines
  • Greater Tipping Amounts for your Employees
  • Payyus addicts Customers to your Brand
  • Your Brand on your Customer’s Mobile Device




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Huge Advertising Power in the Palm of your Customer’s Hand

Send push notifications to your customers mobile
Push your informative message directly to your customer’s mobile notification bar
Your customers can now invite their friends to enjoy your app
Customers send their rewards to their friend, another new customer

How does Payyus Mobile Payment Work?

Customers are urged by you and your cashiers to download the Payyus App from their phone’s app store for a first time reward defined by you.  Usually an amount off their purchase if they download and use the app.   Payyus offers door stickers and instructional cards to help your business get the word out.

Once downloaded the customer adds funds to their account with you.  While you get prepaid, the customer carries a balance on their mobile which they reduce every time they purchase your products.

At your Point of Sale instead of paying by cash or credit, your cashier enters the amount due on your Payyus Merchant Terminal and the customer scans their mobile’s code.   The customer can use a Reward or add a Tip, then hits Pay.  Your terminal will show a confirmed transaction.  That’s all there is to it!!  When the customer uses up their balance, they reload the balance, you get prepaid again, and the process starts all over again.

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Countertop Terminal is Portable – Bring to any Table for Patron to Pay


Portable Merchant Terminal



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