Payyus  Rewards Great Account Exec’s

Payyus offers extra income for merchant services sales agents.   With Payyus you can offer your merchant base a mobile payment app that saves them money and allows them to advertise to their customers. (they can’t do that with credit cards!)


Payyus helps your sales.  For the first time ever, your merchants can actually advertise back to their customer base.  

Payyus can be sold Stand-alone to Business.  Offer your merchant base their own $100K branded mobile payment app for just $99/mo, then take home $50 per month for each unit moved.

Simply put Payyus is similar to the Starbucks Mobile Payment App but made for Any Face2Face Sale.  It can be used with  Any Phone, Any Payment Card.  Merchants can continue to use their Merchant Service Provider or use our MSP’s, .

Account Executives earn compensation from 3 sources for every merchant activated:

1. Sale of Payus Terminals – Get $100 for each terminal sold*

2. Ongoing from credit card processing for each merchant – 10% of monthly fee income

3. Sale of Transactions – Get 50% of each sale

Sell more than 2 terminals in a week and jump to $200 comp each.

All Account Executives continue to earn ongoing compensation from every past sale as long as 1 continual sale is made every 4 weeks.

The app provides Merchants the flexibility to increase their prices, gain loyalty, accept payment, automated marketing and much more.

Here’s an example of account executive income from 1 coffee shop chain with 3 locations and 6 terminals spread between locations:

6 terminals at $99 ea= AE earns $300

Monthly charge to Merchant at $294=Residual to AE is $147/mo

Process $60,000 in cc Transactions= AE earns $130/mo

Send your interest and knowledge to sales[at]MyMarketPartners[dot]com


*Compensation defined is for 1 terminal for each new Merchant.  Multiple purchases from the same vendor are subject to quantity discount pricing.

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