Lower your Card Processing Fees and Advertise Direct to your Customer’s Mobile with Payyus 

We are the only card processor in the US that will provide your business with a FREE mobile app  where you can then advertise direct to  your customer’s mobile device.  Mobile Advertising converts more Sales.

Your business can now advertise direct to your customer’s mobile while giving customers a way to use their mobile to pay for your goods and services.  

How many more customers could you capture if you could advertise right onto your customer’s mobile?  If you sell food, how about advertising today’s special at 11am, or if you’re a coffeeshop tell customers about your latest offerings, or if you’re a brewery tell your customers when your latest tasty tapping will be. 

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Your Competition uses Mobile Payment & Advertising

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Caribou Coffee, Chick fil A, Walmart Pay* all use Optical Mobile Payment  – What are you waiting for, it’s your turn!  Lower your card processing while providing a boost to your bottom line with mobile.

Why spend tens of thousands creating your own app?  Easily advertise your message to your customer’s mobile just like this. 

More reasons

  • Your business gets a highly producing loyalty program built right into the app
  • Your customers continually see your brand and name on their mobile
  • Potential customers also see your business on Payyus 
  • Customers choose your business over competitors because their mobile carries a balance with your business – it’s like cash burning a hole in your customer’s pocket that can only be used at your business
  • Reduces many credit/debit card transaction fees
  • Customers prepay and Merchants get paid upfront 
  • No more managing paper receipts, or saving signatures – save on paper rolls
  • Built in Loyalty Rewards, stop stamping cards
  • Wildly addictive for customers
  • Automated email advertising and receipts
  • Greater Tipping Amounts
  • Customer notifications remind them to use Rewards at your business
  • Faster checkout, no lines caused by chip dips

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Payyus Mobile Speeds through Transactions

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Built-in Tipping, Rewards Program & Automated Email Reminders with your Merchant Message

Get a no fuss Loyalty Reward Program all built into the Payyus Merchant App.  No more punching or stamping loyalty cards.  It’s all done automatically.  Customers accumulate Rewards and can redeem at the Reward rate you specify.  Keep them coming back with Loyalty Rewards only good at your store(s)!  Customers can see Merchant Rewards accumulate on their phone and additionally automated rewards emails and mobile notifications just happen.  

How do my Customers get Payyus for my Business?

Thousands of customers already have Payyus and they will see your business.  Payyus for customers is downloaded from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.  Just search Payyus.  They just add your code for a first time deal and Payyus immediately serves up a customized app for your business.

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Mobile is Here, your competitors have it

Payyus offers Merchants a money saving, highly secure way to push advertising to their customers and accept payment from their customers. The Visa/Mastercard credit/debit card world is turning to Pin & Chip Technology.  Why not get Pin & Chip and Mobile Technology in one sweet little package. Payyus can be used with any amount of branches and any quantity of terminals.   Payyus can even be installed on legacy equipment that have existing scanners. If you can add a tender key, you can have Payyus Mobile.

if you have Clover, download Payyus Mobile from the Clover Marketplace