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Merchants Get Paid Direct from their Customer's Mobile

Merchants can now Accept Payment from their Customer's Mobile Device at their Point of Sale. Direct Customer Bank Account Payment eliminates pesky Card Processing Fees. Payyus delivers PrePayment, Faster Checkout, No Paper Receipts, Automated Customer Rewards, Advertising onto Customer's Mobile and high tech Customer Wow!



Powerful Customer Advertising & Payment Solution

Face it, competition is tough.  You want to stay on the leading edge, but developing your own mobile payment app is pricey.  Here’s Payyus.  Payyus eliminates 50% of payment card transaction and authorization fees.  Payyus creates a money saving, highly secure way to accept payment from your customers at the Point of Sale using the customer’s mobile device. Payyus is a highly configurable app similar to those in use at Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Subway and Tim Hortons TM. Merchants get a 6 figure mobile payment app for just a small monthly fee!  Typically the 2nd or 3rd customer each month pays for your Payyus subscription.  Connect to your customers with full Loyalty and Advertising while getting paid upfront.  For the first time you’ll have the power to advertise to your customer’s instead of them leaving after a credit card swipe.  Payyus ensures return visits for merchants through customer balances, automated advertising, merchant branding, loyalty rewards, mobile payment, and customer WOW!

PAYYUS Mobile Branding

Merchants Brand Sticks to their Customer’s Mobile Device

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Customers Pay with their Phone

Customers download Payyus, add their Payment Cards, then use it to Pay

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Merchant Advantages

Branding, Marketing, Loyalty, Advertising, Price Flexibility and More Sales!

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Payyus Making a Sale

Payyus Merchant Working for your Business!

  •  Transact business directly from your Customer’s bank account
  • Payyus Merchant saves merchants a minimum 18 cents on debit swipes and 8 cents on credit card swipes
  • Merchants gain a cash hoard of $430 on every $1000 transacted through Payyus
  • Payyus Merchant compliments your POS, no changes necessary
  • Your Merchant branding on all your customer’s mobile devices
  • Quicker payment, Faster Checkout with Payyus over credit/debit swipes
  • No paper receipts, all via email
  • Automated advertising through email and phone notifications
  • Loyalty Rewards set by the Merchant
  • Tipping increases sharply with Payyus


More for your Customers and your Business

  •  Every Payyus transaction adds more profit to your bottom line
  •  Customers become wildly addicted to using your App
  •  New found flexibility for Merchant to raise prices
  •  Automated emails to customer and mobile marketing your Brand
  • Payyus eliminates punch cards and fully automates the process
  • Loyalty is rewarded based on purchase amount, not just visits
  • Customers track your Merchant Rewards on their mobile device

  •  Your bank account builds a cash hoard
  •  Loyalty Rewards are defined by Merchant
  •  Customers Prepay so they always come back to the Merchant
  • Payyus is fast, secure and takes the place of swiping a payment card
  • Customer’s email addresses are available for marketing purposes
  • Phone notifications tell customers to use expiring Rewards
  • Customer purchase stats always available

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Your Brand Sticks to your Customer’s Mobile!


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Simple Merchant Pricing

Payyus is always FREE for Customers of Merchants
Payyus for Customers is available from the iPhone App Store or Android Playstore. Download Now

Payyus Merchant is $49/mo per terminal plus a small setup fee

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Your ACH customers pay you at the rate of 1.9% plus 5 cents each transaction.   Each card transaction you scan through Payyus eliminates the credit/debit card transaction fee, authorization fee and batch fee.  

100% Money Back Guarantee!  If within the first 30 days of receipt you are not completely satisfied with Payyus Merchant, just return the Terminal for a full money back guaranty.

Enterprise Licensing Available

If you have more than 10000+ transactions per month, please call our sales number below

Explore the unique ability to use Payyus with Legacy Point of Sale equipment while offering your customers a cool new way to pay.

Contact Sales at 303-835-0230 

Contact Us at MMP – We’d love to add mobile to your business

Payyus empowers Merchants to connect with their customers through their mobile device like never before.  Let us know how we can help get you connected to your customers.  It’s what we do.

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